Dream Stalker

There’s a killer in the city. Half-blood Talented are dying, attacked in the night with a magic that leaves a bloodless wound.

Set in modern day London, Dream Stalker follows Emma, a half-blood Talent who runs a magical tea-shop in the middle of the city. She’s horrified at the deaths in her small community and when she becomes the next target, she decides to go after the killer with the help of Gibble, her Otherworldly shop assistant, and Harrod, a Talent Lord from the other side of the wall.


Barrow Fiend

When Emma is approached by DCI Greyson to assist with a case, her first instinct is to say no. Still shaken by the attack on her life six months ago, she’d much prefer to stay well and truly clear of the danger.

However, circumstances force her hand. She throws herself into the investigation, only to find herself in more danger than she’s ever been in; not only from the mysterious creature stalking the streets of London, but a man who has everything to lose…

Can Emma face the man who destroyed her life all those years ago and survive, or will she be forced to make a devastating choice?

Truth Taker


A boy is missing, and Emma needs to find him fast. The High Seat’s request to hunt down a traitor on the Council will just have to wait.

When Emma’s search leads her to the gritty underground where half-blood children are made to fight for sport, she’ll require every ounce of cunning and skill she has to bring the operation down. She must not only mingle with the arrogant nobles who run the operation but finally face down the one person who means her the most harm – her sister, Aveline.

Putting off the High Seat’s task, however, may be a bigger risk than she bargained for…